Social media landing pages

Social media is used by business for selling, building reputation, increasing awareness and providing value to the community.

And it should be.

Because it’s proven to be successful at driving web traffic.

Many businesses use social media to drive traffic to other websites.

I recommend a Facebook e-commerce application named Ecwid, or another hosted online presence.

What happens when the customer clicks through?

  • Does the customer know what to do?
  • What information do they see to contact you?
  • Is it possible to buy it now?
  • Is your other site confusing, cluttered and unclear?

Improve your landing pages before social media, I implore you.

How can you use social media and sell if your landing page is terrible?

You won’t.

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Improve your message.

Is it clear, concise and obvious?

Not sure.

Ask for feedback from someone unrelated to the business.

Do they know what to do? If they don’t, revisit and revise.

Make your call to action clear (buy me).


Push into social media, start strong on one network.

Which network?

How often?

That depends.

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