So now what, yikes I’m on Social Media?

So you’ve opened a Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin or Twitter account? If you were like me many moons ago, you became a casual observer and cautiously sat and watched. I watched for about a week before I really started to post on my personal pages. I began slowly and then posts just flowed naturally.

Business social media pages have quite a different approach. There are plans, strategies, colors and customers to consider. I thought about my business page for quite a while before I went “live”. Once I did go live I began networking consistently, almost daily. My other pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin were also advertised, posted and promoted. I still am promoting, have you seen my tweets yet?


I have always taken care and thought about my posts in advance, sometimes it’s a quick comment to add humor or support to a friend. On the other hand, some people have done the inevitable and posted something about a disagreement, misunderstanding or dislike. What happens on-line, stays online, remember that. We need to be honest and welcome certain criticism, to learn from mistakes.

The best of social media is the interaction, the real time update to be in the know. The worst is too much information, the argument meant for face to face conversation or the embarrassing posts. I do my best to ignore the worst personal posts, respond to business concerns, and to encourage the best in social media. I like to be in the know.

Management of social media platforms are important. Reputation, business continuation and presence must be considered at all times. Contact me if you have any questions or if you need a valuable Social Media Manager.

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