Client social media formula

What is the client social media formula and how do I use it [NOW]?

Do you struggle with what to post or how to post? If yes this formula is for you.

Customer interest is what we seek. We seek to be effective and nurture customer interest.

The formula is easy for all social messages:

[Image] + [Engaging question] + [Call to action] + [Link]


It’s important to think of the post in terms of layers, like a delicious sandwich.

  • Images should preferably be square. Studies show square images are more effective.
  • Engaging questions should be under 100 characters. Short and sweet.
  • A call to action matters. Tell the reader what to do.
  • Your link should be relevant to the customer.

Next apply the formula to your engagement calendar. Most social networks allow scheduling – do it.

Why wouldn’t you write out your messaging in one sitting to save time? Plan messages for a few weeks, a month or even longer.

One week’s message planning should take 20 minutes to an hour.

I prefer to use Hootsuite a perfect tool to manage social media.


HootSuite Solution Partner social media

[TACTICAL TIP] Use a spreadsheet with formula capability to prepare the calendar. Include a formula to count characters. Keep track of message length so they remain short and within limits [140/100] Drag and drop your messages right into the social network post field.

  • Focus on popular days of the week depending on your brand. Develop a theme around days of the week.
  • Plan out holidays, trivia, key dates and sales using messages effectively.
  • Consider a content review process so an independent viewer can judge if the content is clear and not to salesy.

Do you need a photo for every post? No. You do need text on every one yes.

The text is what many customers say is the hardest, especially questions. Here are some examples for you:

{from a radio station twitter feed} What throwback song do you want @djawesome to play at noon? Tweet us your requests

{from a skin care company Facebook post} Would you rather have [a] a good hair day or [b] a good skin day and why?

{from Disneyland’s Facebook post} Mickey is awaiting your arrival. When will you be visiting him next?

{from Disney’s Facebook again} Today is national hot dog day. What is your choice at Disney Land resort hotdog or corn dog?

[TACTICAL TIP] Use spell check, read message out loud and read the message backwards to see spelling errors.

Messages must always be light [less than 100 characters], bright [provide a fun smile] and polite [media ready].

[TACTICAL TIP] Don’t count on privacy settings. Focusing on light, bright and polite will get you further ahead.


This post and some of the ideas came from a Hootsuite Partner seminar named 5 steps for safe & effective social media management presented by Josh Ochs founder of


Four Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

I strongly advocate that individual and especially business social media users target followers and engagement organically, via sharing valuable content, links and great information. Sometimes businesses just want to have big numbers, especially on Twitter. This guest post by Nate Atkins shares reasons why numbers matter.

Twitter, the numbers matter

Small business owners cannot underestimate the power of Twitter and the revenue a properly written and timed tweet can bring them. Though very few small businesses will ever accumulate the 35 million followers Lady Gaga or the 17 million of Kim Kardashian, marketing companies are willing to pay these individuals $100,000 or more to publish a sponsored tweet just for the exposure, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Twitter can become a valuable asset to any company, blogger or socialite as the number of their followers increases. Branden Hampton, who founded @notebook on Twitter, told Smart Money he built a 4.4 million strong following in two years without spending any money on marketing. He said its possible to earn a six-figure income with a half-million followers. Here are some ways to increase your number of followers on Twitter.

photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

One of the best kept secrets on the Internet when it comes to increasing your number of followers on Twitter is Twiends. This free service is like a virtual business card printing mechanism that subsequently hands said cards to thousands of individuals. In a nutshell, the applications lets users accumulate “seeds” every time they watch a video on Youtube or “like” a Facebook page. You can then use those seeds to, for lack of better term, buy followers. All you have to do is sign up for an account (you get 25 free seeds just for signing up) and, depending on how often you use it, could have a few hundred new Twitter followers in a matter of days.

Use Hashtags

Some people prefer to get followers the old-fashioned, organic way. Including #hashtags in your tweets exposes them to millions of Twitter users who would otherwise never see your thoughts. Small business owners should check what is trending locally and in their fields of business. Tweeters can tailor their trends to these specific subject matters simply by clicking the “change” link where trending items appear on your Twitter page.

Guest Postings

Writing for other blogs and websites exposes your name and brand to a whole new audience. Every guest post you write should include a link to your Twitter bio so readers can learn more about, and hopefully, follow you as well. Most websites that accept guest postings will post their policies about the process somewhere on their home page.

Follow “Autofollowers”

You may notice that there are some Twitter users with tens of thousands of followers, who also follow tens of thousands of people. Autofollowers automatically follow everyone who follows them, with the idea of attracting like-minded followers from the new followers’ following (say that three times fast). Some of these autofollowers are obviously spammers, as they only have a few followers in return. When you find one of these spam accounts, follow everyone who follows the spammer. These people are all likely autofollowers, and you’ll get a follow-back instantly.

Keep in mind, people are more willing to do business with and interact with those with thousands of followers. Just like the crowded bar is more likely to attract more patrons than the empty one across the street, the same goes for social media.

Guest post by Nate Atkins
Nate is a programmer and technology blogger living the dream in Silicon Valley.

7 Crazy Social Media Lies

The Northeastern USA air is transitioning to winter. It makes me think of holidays, friends and family. I’m wired that way and I love it.

Before the holidays, I spend time following the news and reading the paper because I want chit chat material to talk to friends and family about. Yeah I ask about Aunt Marge’s sore foot and Uncle Larry’s surgery and Grandma Betty’s dog but in between I need some filler material. I can talk to anyone for hours, even a total stranger. I’m wired that way too.

This year is different. My filler material is social media and the lies that are told about it.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
Albert Einstein


social media lies Chris via Compfight

Here are 7 crazy social media lies:

  1. Social networking is for the young. Older people are more active on social networks. In fact the fastest growing demographic is 45-54 year-old’s []
  2. Nobody likes Google +. Google Plus attracts 100 million monthly active users and it’s growing much faster than any previous social network []
  3. Automatic sharing of content on Facebook is fun. Not really. Are you sick of your friends locations check ins too? There are thousands of web based articles about how to limit your sharing on Facebook. Here’s a good one from the Dummies people [
  4. My kids aren’t on social media. Scary right! My kids are aged 11 and 14. My youngest is on four social networks and my oldest on six. My 11 year old has a YouTube Channel, an Instagram account, Twitter and Tumblr where she writes micro-blogs. Add on Facebook and switch out Tumbler and another and that’s the differentiation. Facebook is a huge negotiation I’m not willing to begin for my 11 year old. If your child has their own email account, I can almost guarantee they are on one or more social networks. Ask them. []
  5. Twitter and Pinterest are social networks too. These two networks are actually micro-blogging sites for sharing snippets of text or photos that can link to other websites.
  6. They can’t do that. Sorry, yes they can. All social networks have terms of service and privacy policies that you agree to when you signed up. You know that long wordy text you scrolled past when you signed up that changes once and a while (it did?). Social networks are businesses, they’re not all publicly traded companies like Facebook but you can bet the terms of service and privacy policies protect them, not you. Here are Facebook’s terms of service  and privacy policy: [] and []
  7. People care about privacy. Sadly this is not true. You think the settings you chose last year are still the same don’t you? Click this chart by year, the bluer it is the better it is for Facebook. And they aren’t the only social network that have changed their privacy settings, Twitter is on it’s sixth iteration [] and [] Did people even notice, I doubt it. Did I freak you out?

Do me a favor? If you click this button and pay with a tweet you’ll get my free eBook about kids on social media. Be cooler than them this year and learn a trick or two!

Here Is Why You Are Failing At Social Media

Succeeding at social media takes work and time.

Failing at social media is easy.

If you want to fail skip this list and move along.

Want to succeed? Read on, here’s what not to do.

  • No plan was set up to define what success is from the beginning so that you are measuring results from the start and judging what works and what dosen’t.
  • You haven’t listed your location, address or phone number in the social profile.…how will they know where you are and what number to call?
  • No description is provided of what the company does or what it sells….customers are not mind readers.
  • Your main website is not social media friendly….how do I share this or tweet about it?
  • No client testimonials….am I their first customer?
  • You haven’t included any calls to action such as click here or the occasional buy this post.
  • You haven’t posted in a month – or longer….are you closed?
  • Few likes, followers, circles or listings….maybe they’re bad?
  • You post bad or offensive jokes….maybe you’re not as funny as you think?
  • You post constantly. Many posts about selling too often….why are they desperate for customers?
  • You forgot to post when the sale starts and ends….I wish you had posted, I would have bought it on sale!
  • You have no photos or the photos are terrible.
  • The posts are always about you.…what about the customer, do they matter?
  • Lack of value sharing in the form of news articles or snippets of valuable information.
  • No reciprocation of likes, shares or congratulatory posts.
  • Misspelled words appear unprofessional. Bad grammar will too.
  • Misuse of proper capitalization in sentence structure. Each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends in a period….What grade did they finish school at?
  • POSTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS means you’re yelling. Please stop.
  • Excessive use of itinialisms such as LOL, TTYL, TTFN, CYL, FYI are annoying.
  • Excessive smile faces or 8.) and :…) are reserved for texting.
  • Swearing, cursing or offensive language is awful. So are posts done with anger.
  • Negative opinions of competitors or complaining will be misinterpreted.
  • Lying, plagiarism and stealing photos and content is wrong, especially online you can be sued.
  • Gossiping is also pretty bad. Rumor spreading is also….I can’t believe they said that?

Are you guilty? I think all of us are guilty of at least one, or two….ok so move on, think positively about social media and stop failing!

10 best engaging one liners

with content providing benefits, great for Twitter and other social networks.


Ask questions:

How do you feel about [insert] topic?

What is your advice about [topic]?

Last week my customers were surprised by my quality, how do you surprise yours?


Highlight recent events:

Recognize items in the news, share a viewpoint.

Highlight a customer’s success and how you helped.


General posting:

The Zen of [blah blah blah]

10 shortcuts for completing [insert task here] in record time

How to succeed in [insert topic here] fast


Photo Credit: Joey Gannon via Compfight


Promote with calls to action and urgency:

Our sale this week is huge, click [link] to buy NOW, before it ends.

Did you know we offer [services], our website has more information, go to [this link] NOW


Bonus engaging one liners (sorry more than ten came out of my head):

We appreciate your post/comment/concern/question here is a coupon for your next visit

10 awesome reasons to get the best [widget, product] here [link to website]

Curious how they do it better? [insert website here]


How can I make social media better for YOU? Click Packages and Pricing NOW ~ wink ~


Yes there are masters of the headline. Look up John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz, Orsen Welles, Jon Morrow, and Frank Kern, just to name a few.  Read what they wrote, currently write, absorb and repeat.


Customers desire value, satisfaction and worth. Make customers think about you beyond the moment of reading your post.  Keep them up at night, you want to be needed.

Hashtag 140cuse

#140cuse, the 140 characters real time web conference held at Syracuse University on April 19, 2012 trended on Twitter. I was there. I participated via tweets, updates and posts.


The success of the #140cuse conference was due to a core group of amazing talents at Syracuse University’s iSchool, Professor of social media, Anthony Rotolo @rotolo was the MC, Kelly Lux @kellylux head of CMGR and social media strategist of the iSchool sent iSchool tweets, David Rosen @dhrosen was the conference organizer and invited me, lastly Jeff Keni Pulver @jeffpulver the producer of the #140conf who spoke.


I was enlightened, surprised, humored and engaged in dialogue at the #140cuse event, all within five minutes of the conference start. My goals of meeting new people and learning from innovators were easily met. I was most impressed by the range of talented speakers there from Alexis Ohanian @kn0thing to the local talent Matt Mulcahy @MattMulcahy who sat next to me for a brief period of time.

What advice can I give you? Register early for next years conference. I will. This years #140cuse conference success is history. Find out more at


Please leave your comment below. If you were there too, share your experience!

F shape, leads and a relationship

Websites are your electronic shingle. I say mine is worldwide, isn’t yours? When people visit your site what do they see. I read an article recently and it focused on the way people read websites. People tend to read in an F shape. Our eyes go across the top of the page to form the top part of the F. Next we scan down along the left and then scan across to form the next horizontal line of the F. Finally we tend to gaze across the center of the page.  Knowing this, should strive to make your site user friendly, the F shape is powerful.


Are the important items on your page above the fold and does the F shape fit on your site? Does the content draw people in? These are items to keep in mind as you develop and work on your site.

Inbound marketing takes advantage of the F shape, you drew someone to your site. Site content is your glue. The visitor followed your invitation. My goal is to keep my visitor on my site long enough to make a ($$) sale.  The F shape can become it’s own lead.

Content creation within your site is important. Companies that blog generate 55 percent more visitor traffic. Companies that blog get 79 percent more Twitter followers. I see a spike in my traffic when I blog, it’s fed automatically to my twitter stream and to my Facebook Page. Leads are garnered by quality, consistency and calls to action. Make your blog do just that.

My call to actions are in my blog, sometimes they’re a direct request, often I can be subtle. My goal in blogging often is to put content out there for informational purposes, and to make the sale. Honestly I’m selling my service, let us be blunt.

For me, I’m a social creature, on and off line. I just love people, I was raised by social parents who owned and operated a bar. My bar-tending jobs were the most fulfilling, I got to know so many customers! Many of my social contacts are acquaintances,  many are my true friends, some are just business. Each one is important, if you message me, I respond to you no matter who you are. The relationship via the social media connection exists. Build yours, use respect, be honest and be yourself. Those relationships, friend or business will last.

Your audience will follow

As an experienced social media manager I am asked where and how I obtain followers, fans or connections from an audience (I’m referring to them collectively as “FFA”). The answer is simple, I seek them.

So the question remains, how to seek FFA? That depends on which social network you target. There are different routes available.


Automation of Twitter user follow back is one way to increase followers simply because if they follow you, you automatically follow them back and vice-versa. I personally employ this strategy using the website Socialoomph dot com which offers many other features too.

Websites such as twellow dot com that acts as a directory for Twitter, simply seek by location, interest or whatever and follow targeted people and companies.

Relying partially on these two sites alone resulted in my first 1,650+ followers in a short period of time. I had specific targets and I sought them out.

Look to your left for the shiny aqua Twitter button, click it to connect with me!



For Facebook I’ve relied upon my personal family and friends with whom I am connected with on my personal Facebook page to increase fans of my Facebook fan page. I accomplished this by suggesting my page directly in messages and in wall posts. Also I’ve used the share feature. I’ve even paid for advertising on Facebook. If you look to your right you will see two opportunities to go to my page, integration of like buttons and click-able links is possible on Facebook. Interaction again is key to increase exposure to my fan page.

Blatant requests for likes works too, try it. I simply ask Facebook friends to click like or go to my fan page, upon which I’ve installed code to my custom welcome message that you have to become a fan to see. Curiosity is powerful, use it when you can.

Seek others similar to yourself and comment on Fan pages, Groups, Status updates and comments. Earn some respect by providing a true compliment or information relating to whats been posted. Again curiosity can result in someone seeking your page out and becoming a fan in return.

I’m describing what some may call organic growth, gorilla style acquisition of an audience.  In my opinion that type of growth will increase and be manageable over time weather it’s slowly or rapidly based on your time investment.   It’s the path I’ve chosen and have been successful using.

Don’t let my shiny blue Facebook button fool you, click it to become my Fan on Facebook too!


Linked In:

I have a career, who doesn’t. Linked In is where I’ve posted many of my professional accomplishments. It’s a huge professional network of people who connect together using commonalities. You connect with someone and you can see who they are connected to by first, second or third degree, it’s neat.  It offers integration of my tweets and blog posts via applications offered within Linked In.   Be an open communicator and share your knowledge on Linked In, join groups and engage people. That is primarily how I’ve grown my personal Linked In connections.

My Linked in button is click able too. Scroll up on the left side, give it a click!

So your FFA is building, now watch your web statistics

Observing website statistics is an obsession of mine. I check them often to see what reaction my sites receive from posts I make. If I get a good reaction (lots of clicks) I make note of what I did and plan to repeat it or use similar topics or posts. If my tweet, post or link got none or little reaction, I know right away. You get my drift. It’s important to know what is happening, who and from where is your activity coming from. Getclicky dot com does it all for me in real time! Here is a link to their site:

So now what, yikes I’m on Social Media?

So you’ve opened a Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin or Twitter account? If you were like me many moons ago, you became a casual observer and cautiously sat and watched. I watched for about a week before I really started to post on my personal pages. I began slowly and then posts just flowed naturally.

Business social media pages have quite a different approach. There are plans, strategies, colors and customers to consider. I thought about my business page for quite a while before I went “live”. Once I did go live I began networking consistently, almost daily. My other pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin were also advertised, posted and promoted. I still am promoting, have you seen my tweets yet?


I have always taken care and thought about my posts in advance, sometimes it’s a quick comment to add humor or support to a friend. On the other hand, some people have done the inevitable and posted something about a disagreement, misunderstanding or dislike. What happens on-line, stays online, remember that. We need to be honest and welcome certain criticism, to learn from mistakes.

The best of social media is the interaction, the real time update to be in the know. The worst is too much information, the argument meant for face to face conversation or the embarrassing posts. I do my best to ignore the worst personal posts, respond to business concerns, and to encourage the best in social media. I like to be in the know.

Management of social media platforms are important. Reputation, business continuation and presence must be considered at all times. Contact me if you have any questions or if you need a valuable Social Media Manager.

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As always your comments are welcome.