13 terrific social media business tasks

Social media is here to stay.

And, while interactive marketing has taken the lead in harnessing its power business can no longer afford to ignore it.

Core business social media to-do list:

1) Schedule posts frequently at popular social media times to get noticed more often

One of every ten self promoting posts should be you directly selling your business. The other nine posts should be conversational, pull ideas from the list below.

2) Use emotional words instead of boring

Words such as fabulous, extraordinary, terrific, never, exceptional, unbelievable, rogue, blatant, intrigue, mastery, and unreal do not need to be explained. They trigger emotion where you can plant your seed idea to trigger a sale at some point in your conversation.

3) Attract customers

Make it obvious why they need you because no other business will suffice.

4) Tell truths

Lies do not sell long term. A basic fact you know already.

5) Give advice

Good advice is memorable.  Helpful advice solving customer problems is the best kind.

6) Promote customer accomplishments

Niceties matter, they’re often returned and often remembered.

7) Be professional

The impression you make is sticky.  Make your impression the best, as often as possible.

8) Build authority

Authority builds reputation.  Reputation changes over time. Reputation built on authority lasts longer, like cement.

9) Engage customers actively, not passively

Customer opinion and conversation drive business.  Opportunity to have conversations, discussions and debate is prevalent.  Dive in and acquire new prospects.

10) Ask questions

Questions trick a response by offering solutions with your reply.

11) Be responsive and convert to value

No one likes to be ignored, write your response to convert a valuable proposition and sale.

12) Accept criticism, repair with solutions

Accepting criticism brings insight to solutions. Some of the best lessons learned are those we fear.

13) Follow, friend and acknowledge competitors

Know when competitors have sales, run yours the week before, during and after. Business that sell more survive longer.

14) Over deliver

Over deliver on what you said you would do. When customers get more than they expect in terms of satisfaction, a return is likely.

Most items listed seem simple enough, right?


You focused on succeeding.

Success follows those with a passion, especially when backed by truth.

The best business competitor will fail if dedicated to squashing you.

Over time, your business social presence will improve.


That’s up to you.

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Businesses who neglect social media miss business opportunities.

I love feedback; please leave your comment below.

Social media pain prevention plan

Social media without a plan is painful.

Some have spent a decade managing social media, learning, and engaging audiences. After feeling awkward, an aaah – ha moment occurs when they simply start writing ideas down. With those ideas a plan evolves then success is evident because it’s in your plan.

So where do you start with social media?

Let’s start with an idea that builds your plan.

Focus the idea on next week’s business at hand.

Make the idea a task.

Create three more tasks related to the first one.

End each with the word success.

Did you write them down?

These tasks are your plans for social media.

Form tasked ideas as conversational sentences.  Ask a related questions or evolve them into a multiple choice selection quizzes. These are your posts.

Locate simple images that relate to your ideas.



Get started on one network and one only to begin, my best advice is Google Plus.

Log in to your account and post at 12:25pm Monday, 8:15pm Thursday and 4:30pm Friday.

Respond, react and enjoy the knowledge that it’s easier to perform under a plan.

Going forward, focus on 2-3 posts per week spread out like the example above.

Rinse, recycle and repeat!

Planning is not complicated it’s directional. Follow the plan. Your destination will be achieved.


Kennedy Bridge Ville Miettinen via Compfight

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It Is Your Business to Do Business

How to Do Your Business Proudly

In America we just celebrated our beginnings as a country with the fourth of July Independence Day Holiday.  I spent mine producing a video and with my family.


Now that we’re all back to work we need to refocus off festivities, cookouts and fireworks.


Sonia Simone, a co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger media posted an article on this interesting topic titled  How to Find Your Own Independence Day


fireworks over the manhattan bridge

Fireworks over the Manhattan Bridge, NY, USA

Barry Yanowitz via Compfight


Here is a break down summarizing what Sonia Simone said [she is an amazing writer by the way].

  • Start treating your business like a business.
  • Stop apologizing and shuffling when asked what to do – tell them loud and clear
  • Stop obsessing over small costs when it doesn’t come close to your monthly Starbucks tab
  • You have to learn how to sell
  • Take your business seriously now
  • Every minute you waste is lost time
  • You are a business owner. Own it.

She ends her post with a perfect conclusion snippet of advice.

Start treating your business like a business and it will start to grow and flourish.  That’s how you’ll create the independence you deserve. 

Happy Independence Day!


So many business owners treat their business as a hobby, not taking it seriously.  Those actions result in failure.  Running a successful business is hard work. The bold short summary points are the most important. The last bold item is simply true, you are a business owner, own it.


When you take Sonia’s advice you are not guaranteed success, if you ignore it though you will realize failure.


Reply with your comments and share this with your network, I’d love to hear what you think.


Passion is small business success

Small business success. It should be easy, right? Small business is the backbone of the US economy and many other Nations too. So why is small business struggling?


small business success is passion

Image credit Tax Credit on Flikr


Tenacity is necessary for small business success, so is dedication, strength and it helps to have business connections somewhere. You need to pull up bootstraps, starve free time and work a lot of hours to be successful. Most entrepreneurs have done all of those things.

So why are they successful? Timing is everything so is being at the right place at the right time. How do you know when those things happen, sadly there is no sure way to predict it? Business owners need to continuously seek improvement in connection with other businesses. A core group of small business can be powerful in that each is unique and has strengths beyond what other failed business has.

So what’s the secret? It’s out there at the tip of many’s fingers just beyond the next days business. The secret to small business is the passion to keep going. To keep making progress and improving relationships forged out of a true desire to connect. That passion is so valuable and burns in many successful business owners hearts. The passion to call another lead, to make another appearance, to reach out to help other business. Helping other business is what many successful business owners do on a daily basis.

If you can define your passion success is achievable. Keep the flame alive, remember the feeling of excitement and satisfaction you receive from using passion to succeed. You are fortunately a business owner who is more likely than not to keep going.

Passion is often like a flame, it is extinguished easily. For some, passion is like the Sun, always hot and on. If you are a business owner make the effort to surround yourself with people who ignite that passion who give you support. You’re going to need it.