Flaws with Social Media

Yes there are flaws with social media, if you don’t see the flaws maybe you aren’t looking at social media posts from others, just your own.

What social media flaws should you avoid:

  • Accusatory/derogatory/mean posts
  • Misspelled/ALL CAPS/hard to read posts
  • Repetitive/sell sell sell/slimy intention posts
  • Nude/food in your teeth/stain on your shirt photos
  • Lying/bragging/false information anywhere
  • Narcissistic/me me me/mine mine mine language
  • Stalking/trolling/bullying/stalking – it is just wrong
  • Theft of content/theft of photos/fighting – don’t steal or fight online ever
  • Teenagers without monitoring/kids promoting drugs/sexy inappropriately staged photos – if I’m friends with your parent I will call them, you should too!

Need I continue?

Sadly we all know more than a few people who ask almost daily “did you see my post or photo or status update?”.  Ninety-nine percent of the time my answer is no, and I strategically ask them why. The question of why is powerful because it will help you to find out if it was a good post, bad post or if was just some exciting news you happened to miss.

Narcissism is fierce on the social web. Many users selfishly think people are reading and studying their every syllable, photo and check ins all the time. I recently showed an unnamed person how to view the news feed on Facebook – astonishingly they had no idea. For the past year they’ve only looked at their own timeline, not anyone elses waiting for comments and likes in frustration.

Shockingly certain friends stalk my various social media posts. Trust me I’m as boring as they come but it doesn’t help people from telling me personally how happy they are that x happened or that my photo of x was funny.  My comments are usually wow or thank you and immediately I ask how often they stalk my posts if it’s frequent enough.

Stalkers are creepy so if you do it stop. 

Oh and to freak out any stalkers who don’t think there is a way to see if someone views your Facebook page, yes there absolutely is a way to find out.  You have to know quite a bit about web coding and how to see the source of a page, then find specific numerical referencing to determine who views your page. So I know you’re stalking me and yes it’s very creepy.

Enough on stalkers.

Be professional, put your best stuff on the social web.  The more you represent your best self, the better you become.

So what to do?

Educate, teach, share in person also and be happy you know the formula.

Here is the social media formula. Help prevent flaws.

[Image] + [Engaging question] + [Call to action] + [Link]

You really can’t mess it up.

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