Business social media dashboard tools

Businesses are busy doing business. Your business tasks include important things that must be done daily. Marketing must be one of those tasks especially in today’s competitive market but with all the other things to do it’s often neglected, right? Social media dashboard tools are key to success online.

If you aren’t online with a social presence engaging potential customers, you are letting them pass you by. Being on a social network and connecting with your customer audience is important.

What are you doing to get more time for marketing?

The social media dashboard just may be the tool you need to save that time. See what’s being said, manage your reputation and social media performance.

You know what’s awesome? It’s free, yeah I said free.

See the guy looking through the binoculars? He’s looking at you or maybe just past you to see the customers standing at your door. Looking past you is what you need to be ready to catch because if that other guy gets the customer before you, that is a bad thing.  Turn that customer around, get a social presence going and achieve the online presence you deserve.

Reputations matter, time matters and new customers who smile matter even more.

Marketing your business online will help you attain reputation and customers.

Advantage is what you need to free up time so you can reveal your marketing efforts in one place.

My Google+ page

Google + Pages for businesses is an opportunity and Maria Snyder Consulting is there.  Have you Google-d social media or Maria Snyder Consulting lately?


A business not on Google is missing an opportunity to be found.  That is HUGE!


My personal profile has been on Google Plus since early July 2011.  I joined G+ during beta testing.  As a result I launched my business page as soon as the Pages option was launched in November 2011.  So far….so great!


On my business page I strive to keep posts related social media management, maintenance and consulting.  News links and conferences I attend are some of the recent posts shared. G+ seems naturally positioned for engagement.  It is very easy to +1 posts everywhere. Pictures are so easy to share and get great exposure due to the clean white background on Google Plus.  Look right there is an opportunity to +1 ————->>


Here is a list of many features of a Google Plus Page:

  • Multi-administration
  • Better search opportunity
  • About section with introduction, website, contact information, recommended links
  • Map showing business location
  • Photo tab
  • Video tab
Awesome Google Plus Page features
  • Google + pages are found in Google search
  • Easy to use G+ sharing buttons
  • Clean white space to showcase your business
  • You +1 Pages to show support or add them to your circle
  • Google Plus Pages provide social analytics
Some items to note
  • No Google + Page can follow you until you follow them
  • Google + Pages can not mention you unless you’re connected
  • Google + Pages automatically unfollow you if you unfollow them
Please +1 my post and circle me into your awesome Company circle, thanks!

Places, faces and searching

One of the tools to promote any business online is Google places™ business listings.  My business is a Google place and my listing generates real traffic to my site.  My thoughts often flow to how can I reach out to local business to let them see me, as in HEY I’m over here! My little red Google places™ business listing pin holder that represents my Google place is up to date and has relevant business information, photos, email addresses, phone numbers, and payment methods.  It’s like a mini website.

As a business owner I often think about how customers find me.  I’ve taken great strides to position myself so that my business comes up in searches concerning social media.  SEO is what’s known as search engine optimization.  My content managed site has plug-ins that make SEO easier for me. Independent of that, my other social profiles need to be positioned so that when you search for me, you find me!  Yes you can hire an expert to do the SEO for you and I do know an expert but some optimization tricks can be performed quite simply.
Google places is powerful.  My young children are even trained to “Google it”.  If you are a business with a need to HEY be HERE! I have your solution, it’s Google places™ business listings.

I’m offering a new service to set up Google places™ business listings as it fits well into my current offerings. I’ve established a one time set up fee of $150 for this service. I make it easy! “Click here” and get started TODAY!

Google Places™ business listings have the following features:

  • Get found on Google for free
    • 97 percent of consumers search for businesses on line by “Google-ing it”
  • Help your business stand out
    • Add detailed descriptions, photos, videos, hours. Highlight special promotions, post live updates and respond to reviews.
  • Discover insights about your business
    • Learn more about your customers, what keywords they used and where are they coming from

Google places™ business listings are your opportunity to be Google-d.  Take your opportunity like me, get Google-d now! Click the image of my listing below to see a larger view.