Triberr and Social Reach

Triberr is a blog sharing social network that caught my interest a few years back. I remember it as clunky and buggy.

Fast forward to Fall 2013 and hello again Triberr your social reach really matters!

Ms. Ileane Smith of wrote a blog post named What Changed My Mind About Tiberr that reminded me of my Triberr account. Honestly mine had fallen off as inactive because of the previous issues.

Ms. Ileane discussed many important items such as sharing, interactivity and popularity. It was my inspiration to reactivate on Triberr. I find myself checking in every day or so. Hello reach – look at this screenshot of my personal profile!


Ms. Ileane wasn’t kidding.  Her Ms. Ileane Smith Blogging tribe reach is at 1M. The M means million.

Get on over to Triberr, renew or create your profile and spoof it up like I did with a header image and links. Begin to share blogs, comment on others and even ask questions as I have over the past few days.

Here is Ms. Ileane herself talking about Triberr.


Many users appear socially engaged, you will see active discussions, comments and free flowing ideas. The interface is fast, clean and easy to use. Become part of numerous tribes with common interests.  There is so much to offer, so much to gain and Triberr really is easy to use. Expect your reach to grow naturally over time as you continue to participate on this content rich network.

Have you thought about joining Triberr? Let me know in the comments below. 

Business social media dashboard tools

Businesses are busy doing business. Your business tasks include important things that must be done daily. Marketing must be one of those tasks especially in today’s competitive market but with all the other things to do it’s often neglected, right? Social media dashboard tools are key to success online.

If you aren’t online with a social presence engaging potential customers, you are letting them pass you by. Being on a social network and connecting with your customer audience is important.

What are you doing to get more time for marketing?

The social media dashboard just may be the tool you need to save that time. See what’s being said, manage your reputation and social media performance.

You know what’s awesome? It’s free, yeah I said free.

See the guy looking through the binoculars? He’s looking at you or maybe just past you to see the customers standing at your door. Looking past you is what you need to be ready to catch because if that other guy gets the customer before you, that is a bad thing.  Turn that customer around, get a social presence going and achieve the online presence you deserve.

Reputations matter, time matters and new customers who smile matter even more.

Marketing your business online will help you attain reputation and customers.

Advantage is what you need to free up time so you can reveal your marketing efforts in one place.

iPage Is What Works

iPage hosts my website and I’m a happy customer.

I’m couldn’t find the same hosting services locally [I tried].

iPage gives you a website that works with live support 24 x 7 phone, chat and email.

The best thing about iPage is it’s simple. The interfaces, web mail, setup with a snap as promised are true. I’ve been with them since 2010 and you’ll be happy to know that  they’ve offered quality hosting since 1998. Along the way I’ve had to contact support and they’ve always resolved any questions I’ve had. Support is open 24 hours a day via web chat, email or a US based phone call.


Marketing coupons and so many other benefits are available if you act fast. They’re running an awesome sale that you have to see to believe!

iPage is quick & easy. No experience necessary. Sign up now

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • FREE Security Suite
  • FREE Site-Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • FREE Google, Yahoo! & Facebook Marketing Credits
  • GREEN! Powered by 100% wind energy

Yeah mine is fancy and managed with WordPress and Genesis with a premium theme with iPage behind it all.

iPage is best for business

iPage is the web hosting leader serving over 1,000,000 websites! Sign up now

I’ve used it to register two domains, relied on the security suite, loved the advertising credits and hey who doesn’t love wind power!

Here Is Why You Are Failing At Social Media

Succeeding at social media takes work and time.

Failing at social media is easy.

If you want to fail skip this list and move along.

Want to succeed? Read on, here’s what not to do.

  • No plan was set up to define what success is from the beginning so that you are measuring results from the start and judging what works and what dosen’t.
  • You haven’t listed your location, address or phone number in the social profile.…how will they know where you are and what number to call?
  • No description is provided of what the company does or what it sells….customers are not mind readers.
  • Your main website is not social media friendly….how do I share this or tweet about it?
  • No client testimonials….am I their first customer?
  • You haven’t included any calls to action such as click here or the occasional buy this post.
  • You haven’t posted in a month – or longer….are you closed?
  • Few likes, followers, circles or listings….maybe they’re bad?
  • You post bad or offensive jokes….maybe you’re not as funny as you think?
  • You post constantly. Many posts about selling too often….why are they desperate for customers?
  • You forgot to post when the sale starts and ends….I wish you had posted, I would have bought it on sale!
  • You have no photos or the photos are terrible.
  • The posts are always about you.…what about the customer, do they matter?
  • Lack of value sharing in the form of news articles or snippets of valuable information.
  • No reciprocation of likes, shares or congratulatory posts.
  • Misspelled words appear unprofessional. Bad grammar will too.
  • Misuse of proper capitalization in sentence structure. Each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends in a period….What grade did they finish school at?
  • POSTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS means you’re yelling. Please stop.
  • Excessive use of itinialisms such as LOL, TTYL, TTFN, CYL, FYI are annoying.
  • Excessive smile faces or 8.) and :…) are reserved for texting.
  • Swearing, cursing or offensive language is awful. So are posts done with anger.
  • Negative opinions of competitors or complaining will be misinterpreted.
  • Lying, plagiarism and stealing photos and content is wrong, especially online you can be sued.
  • Gossiping is also pretty bad. Rumor spreading is also….I can’t believe they said that?

Are you guilty? I think all of us are guilty of at least one, or two….ok so move on, think positively about social media and stop failing!

Lost posts and lessons learned

Two month old backups meant lost content for me yesterday. Five posts are gone, poof.

Yesterday morning my website host, iPage notified me that my site was creating a huge server load and suspended service.

For a site that receives around 500 hits per month I knew immediately it wasn’t something I did. Yes my last blog post was stellar and was higher on the traffic scale but it wasn’t enough to cause iPage to shut my site down.

iPage support could tell that something within my index.php file was causing the issue. That meant a full re-install of WordPress and recreating my content from a two month old backup database file.  The support iPage provided during the re-installation was professional. iPage has the best support 24/7 year round.

All together my reestablish process took hours. Time was lost and the missing posts will be recreated within a few days because of my RSS feed.

My RSS feed may just have saved the day. I subscribe to my own RSS feed as an email backup of my posts. That RSS feed may have saved the day.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t rely on email backups
  • Backup more than quarterly
  • Know how to restore your site before you begin
  • Save images on a hard disk not just on your site

Yeah there were more lessons, like not cursing at inanimate objects etc.


Thinking of a new website host? Get iPage.


5 Web Design Trends You Needed to Know Yesterday

Bridging site functionality, speed and attractiveness of design, recent advances in the world of web development and social networking has made the Web designer and social media guru as essential as the web programmer or project manager in the development of a companies’ website. Advances in code like HTML5 and CSS3 have allowed designers to integrate elements of spatial design and simplify an otherwise complex language that requires plugins and more knowledge in programming than the average designer might have time to learn. Likewise, many of the new platforms used to share media such as, Pinterest, Vimeo, and Tumblr are changing the way we use Social Media to network and connect with other mobile and full websites.

In the Beginning, There was Technology…

It is important to note that the hosting company used by a web developer needs to support whatever technologies they have in the pipeline. Most shared web hosting companies include at least basic compatibility with video streaming, live chat, streaming audio, 3-D graphics, offline storage, plugins and launching mobile sites. If you make the decision to use any of these technologies, however, ensure your dedicated or shared web hosting company offers the features you need. Take a look at the following five web design trends to make sure you’re not falling behind as a developer or a designer.


1. HTML5 is Not Just for Programmers

Its Multi-platform compatibility, 3D graphics, faster performance, and multimedia integration are a few reasons why HTML5 is being used more by professional web designers. just the beginning. With HTML5, web designers will no longer have to worry about third-party browser plug-ins that are not search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, like Flash, or sluggish bandwidth speeds. Beautiful, fluid interfaces can be designed through this XML-based language.

HTML5 is quickly being adopted across the board. Next generation browsers are being built around it. Mobile devices are including support. As the rest of the world moves towards HTML5, don’t be left behind!

2. Now it’s CSS3

When Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) was introduced, the way web designers approached interface development changed; color variation and the simplification of HTML code was combined with Javascript plugins for the first time in 1996 allowing web development to be more creative. Fourteen years later, the emergence of  CSS3 has surpassed what designers and developers could have imagined. When integrated with HTML5, CSS3 gives designers an entirely new toolbox of toys to play with. Transitions, animations, and other visual effects are the beginning of what one can do with CSS3. As HTML5 is increasingly adopted in web design, web applications, and on mobile devices, CSS3 is a necessary tool to get the most out of HTML5′s potential.

3. Images are Key

Any time a website gains popularity at the rate Pinterest has, the web design world takes notice. Pinterest has separated themselves from their competition by being a user based social network much like Twitter, unlike other sites similar to it, Pinterest’s content is solely produced by it’s users.  Pinterest also presents their users content up front and staggers each image “pinned” to their homepage, to provide a more diverse structure.

Sites similar to Pinterest are also changing the way they are laying out their design elements and influencing businesses to share images that represent printed content on their pages that can be “pinned.” The term “Pinnable content” was coined by Pinterest.

4. The latest is not always the greatest

Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter all have had one significant thing in common when it comes to presentation, the information you see first is always current and up-to-date is at the top. After all, users want to see the latest status update, not a popular comment from last week. A recent trend involves websites moving away from the reverse chronological method of data presentation. If you need a major example, just look back to Pinterest.

The move is now toward presentation based upon popularity, groups of ideas, and common interests, rather than a time-sensitive manner of organization. Users are no longer interested in what the latest status update or trend is. Instead, organization of information in web design can be tailored to the individual based on parallel interests, recent website activity, and whatever else might truly matter. Algorithms can give information that is tailored to the social page’s member.

5. Get Creative with Scrolling

Two decades worth of bland scrolling to read long web documents are about to come to an end. The standard vertical scroll through a gigantic text document or item lists will soon be passe.

Take, for instance, A couple of years ago, that website would have been a bunch of boring images and text links that a user had to scroll through. Perhaps a customer would buy something – if they could get past the monotony.

It is no longer acceptable to do the “same old thing”. Web design is now about presentation and reliability. If you can find ways to reliably present content in such a way that the user says “Wow!” then you are doing something right. Finding a new way to implement the same old thing, like the scrolling of your web page, implementing HTML5, CSS3 and new social network pages are a few ways to “wow” your visitors.

Guest post by author Clayton Stannard. Clayton has worked in website programming for most of his life and enjoys writing about technology. When he isn’t reporting on technology, he does programming for upcoming PC games.


Social Media Assisting and Management, why it is important

Social media image is important, reputations are important. You probably understand that social media is important to market yourself in order to maximize your presence.

A qualified social media manager can assist you create and execute your strategy, nurture new or existing brand affinity, and importantly create lasting customer relationships.

  • Create and execute your strategy.  What are your goals short and long term?  A social media manager can help you zoom in on your potential market and recommend the platforms that will best suit your needs.  Are you actively or passively addressing your customers? The type of listening and engaging of customers by your social media manager based on style and respect will empower your ability to reach to them.
  • Execution of strategy.  Platforms that best suit your unique needs will be determined.  Examples platforms include Facebook pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, starting a blog….Linking these platforms together for consistency of content for connecting with customers is a huge advantage.  [Read more...]