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15 Must Haves Why Business Social Media Is A Yes For You

Business social media opens up your opportunity.

You can’t just set up social media profiles and expect a booming business, that is crazy. Social media set it and forget it is even crazier!

Business plans, decisive action and web marketing take time. First you need to understand the behind the scene mechanics and the ultimate goal of social media. Not everyone’s goal is the same, each is unique. Remember the core goal is to better the business, right? If you are asking yourself why social media, here is the reason. Customers use social media, both young and old. You need to target customers using effective social media messages, pictures and promotional outreach to increase your business value in the eye of the customer.

What do your customers do if they believe something is valuable? They buy it. If you aren’t telling your customer your business services or products are valuable, customers will find value somewhere else. You’ve lost a customer.

Empires of marketing gibberish and sales slime has impressed that social media is a magical process that generates instant success. Business social media profiles are your key element on the path to social media success. The paths beyond social media setup are strategies made better by informed decisions. It’s really up to you.

Here are some must haves to consider.

Business social media profiles must contain:

  • Business name
  • Business phone number
  • Business location address
  • Photo of the business lobby and a smiling owner
  • Descriptions of what your business does including keywords associated in an easy to read narrative

Business social media posts best practices:

  • A posting schedule including when, where and what to post two to four times per week
  • A target audience and social media network to focus on
  • Consistent tone with posts in line with business objectives
  • Posts including pictures, tips and how to guides
  • Calls to action during occasional promotional posts [for every 10 posts, one is promotional]
freedigitalphoto dot net
Image credit freedigitalphoto.net

Engaging customer methods and techniques:

  • Ask questions, give prompt answers
  • Reply to all comments promptly
  • Post photos of your business and it’s employees at work
  • Respond to concerned customer comments or trouble notifications with a simple ‘call me so we can resolve your problem as soon as possible’ responses
  • Have a contest, ask for responses [the third comment gets 15 percent off their next order]
  • Use humor in a practical way even making fun of yourself [y'all missed my awesome banana shaped tie yesterday]

Social media options

  • Links to your main website and other social media profiles
  • Calls to action to friend, follow, like and share posts
  • Blog integration to expose outreach opportunities
  • Graphic buttons to draw the consumers eye
  • Memes to ironically make someone laugh
  • Reputation monitoring and Google alerts

I promised you fifteen, I hope you are delighted there were more!

Here is my offer, hire me then checkout with PayPal in the cart above.

Call 315.706.4123 to arrange other terms of payment.

Two things you need are setup and a starter maintenance package.

The first five people to order receive a free one hour coaching call consultation.

Basic Set-up Package – $209

The Basic Set-up Package includes two social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus) with basic linking of social media profiles to each other and to your blog or website. Basic set-up includes suggestions to improve your social media presence. I will also show you how to update each social network. You only need provide images and content, the ideas flow from there.

Starter Maintenance Package – $100 set up & $1,350 (3 mos) or $450/ month

The Starter Maintenance Monthly Maintenance social media package is an entry–level package geared to individuals and businesses. This starter package provides you with 1-2 status updates/week on up to two social networks, deleting of unwanted spam, accepting friend requests/following back and basic profile management. Content creation is your responsibility. Weekly contact and followup with you is always my priority, so is your social media.

If you are one of the lucky five, I will contact you within 48 hours to set up our appointment.

Let’s create more success with business social media TODAY!

Video results are in

Video is powerful for business social media. The quick answer, feedback and visual are immediately personal. YouTube provides free analytic data to measure views, engagement and demographics.


My children inspired me to make my first social media video.  They create aewsome videos of mermaid scenes, dramatic acting and just silly parodies. They wanted me to be funnier, I chose to be more professional.



The opportunity to incorporate video in your business social media campaign is at your fingertips.  YouTube is flexible and even has videos available showing how to best use YouTube.  Opportunity is yours, it’s out there, you need to reach your audience on a personal level.


Here are steps to incorporate video into your business social media:

  • Find an interesting topic about your business such as business history, location information, sales or promotions
  • Develop a simple two minute dialogue, make it simple and conversational
  • Consider your audience and speak to them
  • Sign up for a YouTube account “click here”
  • Comb your hair, dress well and check your teeth
  • Record your video and watch it before you publish
  • On the description field place your web address starting with http:// so that the link is clickable
  • Fill out relevant information
  • Make the video public
  • Post the video using the YouTube url to your website and other social platforms
  • Ask for comments and feedback

The video process was easy, the courage to hear your own voice and see your face was harder.

Please leave your comment below, [does my voice really sound like that]?