Squidoo is an evolving community that started in 2005. It’s a brain child of Seth Godin, an absolutely brilliant marketer. The founders used their saavy skills to connect a pool of writers with a desire to earn money through modules that earn commissions such as Amazon and Ebay.

Squidoo leaks engagement and is addicting if you are a writer. It fills a need to write about non social media topics.

When you write articles on Squidoo, they must be unique, useful and updated. The articles are lenses, and are focused on one topic.

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Search engines are smart, they know unique quality content and so does the amazing editorial team at Squidoo.  My posts there are quazi-experimental and a lot more personal. I strive to update them as each topic evolves. It has a social component with it’s own liking system. Give Squidoo a try.

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LinkedIn for Business doh

LinkedIn is often the overlooked obvious network for business to engage their target audience. LinkedIn should be part of your business strategy.


Why is that? Many have the impression that only people job hunting are on LinkedIn. It’s not true! LinkedIn is a viable social network for Business and it’s executive team to have profiles and engage with customers. Business profiles should be on LinkedIn and here is why:

  • Search engines index Company pages
  • Page statistics are free
  • You can add company product and service tabs
  • You can also customize information on the Company profile, list the main website, address and phone number
  • Administrator designation is easy, only company administrators can update the page
  • Company administrators can post Company status updates with links
  • The company status updates appear on your followers’ homepage
  • Company status updates can be liked, shared and commented on
  • Your target customers can find your business profile
  • Companies can post job openings
  • Administrators can control comments made on Company pages


Follow my company on LinkedIn by clicking my follow button


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals – [site: http://learn.linkedin.com/what-is-linkedin/ ]

Engaging your audience with Company status updates on LinkedIn was introduced in October 2011. By following a Company (your own or a competitors) the Company status updated appear in your homepage news feed. Viewers can comment, like or share with their own LinkedIn network. Given that any LinkedIn member can engage with the business Company page, it’s a great way to build engagement with customers. Why isn’t LinkedIn part of your business strategy?

Here is a video about Company status updates from LinkedIn. Start your Company page today by setting one up from your LinkedIn profile. Once you have followers start posting Company updates with these LinkedIn business strategy tips in mind:

  • Maintain contact, keep posts fresh by including links to interesting company information
  • Be authentic keep the message relevant
  • Keep posts brief and punchy, shorter updates with a call to action and url link typically result in higher engagement
  • Participate in the conversation, respond and add comments
  • Spice up content with embedded images or videos from YouTube
  • Involve employees, encourage employees to share updates to increase awareness


Can’t Keep Up? 11 Ways to Simplify

Law of Simplicity: When you have two competing theories, the one that is simpler is the most profitable.


What are you doing right now to market your business online? Business social media is your opportunity.


I’m open just knock “click here“.

business social mediaCreative Commons License opensource.com via Compfight

Here are 11 ways to simplify your business social media:

  1. Complex explanations are pointless, simple is better – get to the point
  2. Secure the simplest custom url for your business on each social network
  3. Smile in your business profile photo
  4. Post your area code with your business phone number
  5. Give specific direct calls to action such as call us, click here, stop by
  6. Apologize on the answering machine that you aren’t there when customers call
  7. Post on social networks about your promotions and special sale days
  8. Ask questions, seek feedback look for inspiration
  9. Follow, like, and engage your competition, healthy discussion is welcomed
  10. Complete your business profile with your location and names of owners
  11. Run a sweepstakes or promotion using social media

Bonus: Get on Google Plus with a personal profile, next set up a Google Plus Page for your business.

10 best engaging one liners

with content providing benefits, great for Twitter and other social networks.


Ask questions:

How do you feel about [insert] topic?

What is your advice about [topic]?

Last week my customers were surprised by my quality, how do you surprise yours?


Highlight recent events:

Recognize items in the news, share a viewpoint.

Highlight a customer’s success and how you helped.


General posting:

The Zen of [blah blah blah]

10 shortcuts for completing [insert task here] in record time

How to succeed in [insert topic here] fast


Photo Credit: Joey Gannon via Compfight


Promote with calls to action and urgency:

Our sale this week is huge, click [link] to buy NOW, before it ends.

Did you know we offer [services], our website has more information, go to [this link] NOW


Bonus engaging one liners (sorry more than ten came out of my head):

We appreciate your post/comment/concern/question here is a coupon for your next visit

10 awesome reasons to get the best [widget, product] here [link to website]

Curious how they do it better? [insert website here]


How can I make social media better for YOU? Click Packages and Pricing NOW ~ wink ~


Yes there are masters of the headline. Look up John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz, Orsen Welles, Jon Morrow, and Frank Kern, just to name a few.  Read what they wrote, currently write, absorb and repeat.


Customers desire value, satisfaction and worth. Make customers think about you beyond the moment of reading your post.  Keep them up at night, you want to be needed.