Blog Comments Let’s be Social

Blog comments were social long before social networks. Interacting online, submitting feedback and comments is a mainstay of the social network.

Opening your blog to comments comes with baggage in the form of comment spam. Think email spam but take it up a few notches.  My content management system of choice is self hosted WordPress. I rely on two WordPress plugins to protect against spam. One is named Akismet advertised as the worlds best way to protect your site from web spam. In addition I use GrowMap anti-spambot plugin.

Comments made with the sole purpose of gaining a backlink, which in turn will send traffic or link juice (provided the blog in question doesn’t use the nofollow tag) to the site of the spammer. Some spam comments are very explicit and come with several links to drug or gambling related sites. (definition from

I compare spam to a dirty window that can’t be cleaned no matter what technique is used. Spam is annoying and persists because somewhere somehow money is made from it.

Bloggers, good bloggers that is write to share valuable content with readers. Readers, good ones leave comments in praise or to debate different points of view.  Smart bloggers harness the power of social media and offer social sharing buttons for readers to use.  Social sharing is great and comments are too.

Responses to comments and the resulting conversations is what makes the commenting relationship social.

Many social sharing options are preferable, we’re not all on your favorite social network are we?

I find my social sharing stats within the content management back end of my wordpress website. I monitor and measure social shares often.

arrow171While we search the web for answers, take a few moments to leave comments if you can on valuable blog posts. Then tweet it, share it and post it on social networks. Good bloggers often reply. The process of interacting is welcomed here, please leave your comment below.




Triberr and Social Reach

Triberr is a blog sharing social network that caught my interest a few years back. I remember it as clunky and buggy.

Fast forward to Fall 2013 and hello again Triberr your social reach really matters!

Ms. Ileane Smith of wrote a blog post named What Changed My Mind About Tiberr that reminded me of my Triberr account. Honestly mine had fallen off as inactive because of the previous issues.

Ms. Ileane discussed many important items such as sharing, interactivity and popularity. It was my inspiration to reactivate on Triberr. I find myself checking in every day or so. Hello reach – look at this screenshot of my personal profile!


Ms. Ileane wasn’t kidding.  Her Ms. Ileane Smith Blogging tribe reach is at 1M. The M means million.

Get on over to Triberr, renew or create your profile and spoof it up like I did with a header image and links. Begin to share blogs, comment on others and even ask questions as I have over the past few days.

Here is Ms. Ileane herself talking about Triberr.


Many users appear socially engaged, you will see active discussions, comments and free flowing ideas. The interface is fast, clean and easy to use. Become part of numerous tribes with common interests.  There is so much to offer, so much to gain and Triberr really is easy to use. Expect your reach to grow naturally over time as you continue to participate on this content rich network.

Have you thought about joining Triberr? Let me know in the comments below. 

Power blogging Jon Morrow has its secret

Few writers active in the blog-O-sphere capture more of their audience than Jon Morrow. You probably already know Jon’s writing because the style is simple yet effective enough to stick in your head. He reads your mind with each post, consistently making it seem like you need the information he just delivered to you in each blog post. Yes he writes for Copyblogger and yes he has the secret to building a popular blog.

Wait – Jon’s a blogger?

Yes and he is a genius with a witty sense of humor and great business sense. It’s why the posts he writes will speak to you on a psychic level. He doesn’t offer tricks, or fancy advice. Jon gives real time, truth to what makes your writing matter – so that you too will read your readers mind.

I can’t get him out of my head!

You’d never know that Jon resides in Mexico enjoying an ocean view because his writing makes it seem like he just met you, is your best friend and summarized information you need to know now – the mind meld trick just happens. It’s kind of nice to know that he knows what we are all thinking.

Jon has an OUTSTANDING series of videos and posts that explain on this guest blogging stuff that you can get by signing up here.  Some of the topics Jon covers are how to get your first 1000 email subscribers, SEO for bloggers and how to build an email list from nothing.


How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World was a guest post Jon wrote for

The following text is by Jon from a different article  on named Editor Admits to Sleeping with Readers and Recommends You Do the Same:

With 5,518 shares on Facebook and 2,365 tweets on Twitter, this is the most popular post I’ve ever written, and some folks are saying it’s their favorite post of 2011 … from any blog.


Because it’s about dreams.
Every blogger dreams of quitting their job and writing full-time. Every blogger dreams of moving to paradise and working from their laptop on the beach instead of a cubicle. Every blogger dreams of somehow, some way doing their own small part to change the world.
And I packed all three dreams into a single headline. It’s like taking pure Godiva chocolate, the world’s strongest espresso, and the finest scotch known to man, and combining them all into a single drink. The potency of it would damn near blow your head off.
Same thing happened here. People were so touched they burst into tears. One guy emailed to say he had been planning to commit suicide, and the post changed his mind.

It wasn’t my impeccable grammar that stopped him. It wasn’t my flawless spelling. It wasn’t even, I’m sorry to say, my devilish good looks.
And it wasn’t my dream.

It was his dreams.

His dreams, seen through a lens that made them seem achievable. All I did was build that lens.


Jon’s program is free, get it by signing up here. You have nothing to lose.

Want to learn more? Take up his offer to mentor with Guest blogging course it’s a BLATANT ENDORSEMENT. Go get the videos now if you’re serious about blogging for income. Nothing to lose no worries sign up here.


Before you go, Jon has another web property, maybe you’ve heard of it, learn more about that here:

Your Social Media Problem Solved

Ever started in social media then been overwhelmed?

Do you find it hard to know what to post and when?

Ever said a blog is just too hard because you don’t know what to do?

Social media chaos, confusion and frustration?

Is this you?

Let me solve your problem with real solutions. Simple, effective and ready now.

Social media and relationships built on a solid foundation take time.

If you seek real solutions, real customers and business relationship building, keep reading.

So social media, that’s what we’re going to do – great. What is that exactly?

Social media [in 61 words; quote credit to David Merman Scott]
You can buy attention (advertising)
You can beg for attention from the media (PR)
You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales)     Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free: a YouTube video, a blog, a research report, photos, a Twitter stream, an ebook, a Facebook page.

So we’re clear we will use social media to earn attention, create something interesting and valuable and then we’re going to publish it online for free. Opportunity awaits, the customers are seeking you and if you are not on social media the customer may not find you.


I read with interest an article by Tom Pick in July 2012 that I can’t help but reread. [ ] The article had many interesting facts and statistics and discussed user statistics, lead nurturing and many social networks.

Studies show that customers using social media actively have a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Reports say that companies using social media are found faster.

Back to the social media issues you face. What do you do?

My best advice is consult with me, now before it’s too late. I’m your business expert in social media whose driven to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed, that you know what to post and when and you’ll realize a blog is easy. No more social media chaos, confusion and frustration. Maria is here, Maria knows what to do. Call me for a quote 315.706.4123

Lost posts and lessons learned

Two month old backups meant lost content for me yesterday. Five posts are gone, poof.

Yesterday morning my website host, iPage notified me that my site was creating a huge server load and suspended service.

For a site that receives around 500 hits per month I knew immediately it wasn’t something I did. Yes my last blog post was stellar and was higher on the traffic scale but it wasn’t enough to cause iPage to shut my site down.

iPage support could tell that something within my index.php file was causing the issue. That meant a full re-install of WordPress and recreating my content from a two month old backup database file.  The support iPage provided during the re-installation was professional. iPage has the best support 24/7 year round.

All together my reestablish process took hours. Time was lost and the missing posts will be recreated within a few days because of my RSS feed.

My RSS feed may just have saved the day. I subscribe to my own RSS feed as an email backup of my posts. That RSS feed may have saved the day.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t rely on email backups
  • Backup more than quarterly
  • Know how to restore your site before you begin
  • Save images on a hard disk not just on your site

Yeah there were more lessons, like not cursing at inanimate objects etc.


Thinking of a new website host? Get iPage.


Hashtag 140cuse

#140cuse, the 140 characters real time web conference held at Syracuse University on April 19, 2012 trended on Twitter. I was there. I participated via tweets, updates and posts.


The success of the #140cuse conference was due to a core group of amazing talents at Syracuse University’s iSchool, Professor of social media, Anthony Rotolo @rotolo was the MC, Kelly Lux @kellylux head of CMGR and social media strategist of the iSchool sent iSchool tweets, David Rosen @dhrosen was the conference organizer and invited me, lastly Jeff Keni Pulver @jeffpulver the producer of the #140conf who spoke.


I was enlightened, surprised, humored and engaged in dialogue at the #140cuse event, all within five minutes of the conference start. My goals of meeting new people and learning from innovators were easily met. I was most impressed by the range of talented speakers there from Alexis Ohanian @kn0thing to the local talent Matt Mulcahy @MattMulcahy who sat next to me for a brief period of time.

What advice can I give you? Register early for next years conference. I will. This years #140cuse conference success is history. Find out more at


Please leave your comment below. If you were there too, share your experience!

Dialogues matter

Dialog is important to a business.  Succesful business do business in the form of a dialogue, not a monologue which is a one sided conversation.  Agree…?


Are you guilty of spewing monologue? Often it’s a dictatorial position. Monologues are not highly recommended as a convincing method to conduct business in today’s market place – we are a globally connected world.

There are many forms of dialogue. I prefer the verb form of dialogue for purpose of this post.  Dialogue in verb form is defined: Take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem.

Dialogue should encourage engagement and conversation. The conversations long or short do exist.  Social networks have an ingenious lazy way of encouraging the dialogue [endorsement]. The like button, a re-tweet and the newer Google Plus +1 button are sprouting up everywhere.  Social networks are tuned into the dialogue! That simple like button, re-tweet and Google Plus +1 button are the easy way to engage, got it? The dialogue is your business foundation.

Gosh I think back with a smile to the days I bartended at a small family owned Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, NY.  My nod, my smile and often my laugh was part of the dialogue. It encouraged continued conversation – the customer stayed longer.