Work smarter now

It is time to work smarter and use social media for your business NOW.

I’m a Certified Public Accountant by trade in addition to actively working as a social media consultant and manager.  I work smarter, stay on my game and keep all pistons firing by focusing on the various jobs at hand. As a business owner the same applies, working smarter is a possibility, but how since there are so many things to do?

Typical business owners have a hand in on some of these daily tasks:

  • Accounting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Human resources
  • Mail – email and paper
  • Phone calls
  • Making sure deadlines are met
  • Banking
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Locking up at the end of the day

When you are making business decisions, who handles the web site, social media and general advertising? I presume the business owner includes this task on their to do list. Often those tasks related to advertising are overlooked.  Advertising in any form is a way to reach customers. Get your business started today on social media “click here“.

In today’s business environment remaining competitive is key, keeping customers happy is huge especially in today’s economic times, money may be tight. Now more than ever social media is a news source. More and more people are connected twenty-four seven. They seek knowledge and information from the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace (if you are a musician).

Why not consult with a social media consultant to see what advertising opportunities you are missing. “Click here” to start NOW. Facebook sells advertising, what makes you think their advertising platform is the end all be all.  Facebook business profiles also known as Facebook Pages are FREE!  Google business profile pages are FREE! Also FREE are Twitter profiles, LinkedIn company profiles and of course MySpace.

If your profile is not set up or worse it is and it’s not actively engaged with current and future customers, why is it not?  It is time to work smarter.

Social Media Management Work Ethic

Ethics defined are the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group. As a licensed Certified Public Accountant in New York State I am mandated to receive ethics training and I adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct governed by the American Institute of CPA’s.  Ok enough accountant babble.


So do Social Media users have ethics, that’s debatable. Good Social Media Managers should.

I rely on my Social Media techniques to self promote, aren’t we all on here buying, selling or looking around after all?

The ethics associated with practicing in Public Accounting flow over just by my nature into my personal morals. That’s why I didn’t choose bank robbing or politics as a career. I’ve had experience bar tending, pre-internet, now there is a way to learn how to know who’s up and up and who is not.

I’m every ones new best friend when I meet people, I just have that knack which I’ve had since I was a kid. My unique mix of ethics and person-ability with being scary smart makes me your perfect pick for Social Media Management.

My pricing is here:

UPDATE (8-11-2011): I am pleased that so many readers have commented on this specific blog post, unfortunately as it approaches 80 comments I have to turn the comments off for this specific blog post. Please keep reading my blog, I welcome comments.

Social Media Assisting and Management, why it is important

Social media image is important, reputations are important. You probably understand that social media is important to market yourself in order to maximize your presence.

A qualified social media manager can assist you create and execute your strategy, nurture new or existing brand affinity, and importantly create lasting customer relationships.

  • Create and execute your strategy.  What are your goals short and long term?  A social media manager can help you zoom in on your potential market and recommend the platforms that will best suit your needs.  Are you actively or passively addressing your customers? The type of listening and engaging of customers by your social media manager based on style and respect will empower your ability to reach to them.
  • Execution of strategy.  Platforms that best suit your unique needs will be determined.  Examples platforms include Facebook pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, starting a blog….Linking these platforms together for consistency of content for connecting with customers is a huge advantage.  [Read more...]