Social Media Management of Children

We must play a role in the social media management of our children. There is TMI (too much information) out there for us to not check our children’s profiles and to not know their passwords. I have taken on this challenge first hand, so far they’re still talking to me.


Perhaps you have heard of the “Please rob me” syndrome on twitter and Facebook where people post TMI about leaving for vacation, or the grocery store or to run an errand.  Criminals will use that information to know when you are not home, they will feed off opportunity.  Our children can fall victim to that desire to want to post every aspect of their daily life online, for all to see!  I am particularly concerned by this emerging generation who is de-sensitized to what they’re sharing about themselves.


Privacy settings are your friend.  I implore you all to log into your child’s profile and review the privacy settings, the more restrictive the better but your judgment should be based on boundaries you set, not your child.

As a person, especially a parent, I believe we need to draw a line for certain social on-line behavior, know what is expected and what is not.

  • Actively teach kids to be net-savvy, healthy paranoia is good, teach them about privacy settings.
  • Internet access is a privilege, not a right.  Set clear limits and expectations
  • Be involved in what they’re doing, be their friend on Facebook, get Facebook to text you status updates (I do) and follow their tweets and Youtube postings.  Until you are convinced that your child can demonstrate mature judgment, I don’t believe kids should have the right to internet privacy.

If you are a parent, do not procrastinate in fear of conflict with your family, deal with this sooner rather than later.  I offer special pricing to manage childrens social media presence, I understand that parents need to delegate.

What do you think about this issue concerning children and social media management?

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