Mitch Mitchell interviewed Maria in August 2012 for the site. I was truly honored. “Click here” to read his interview about her and learn where the best sunsets are found nearby in Oswego NY.


Maria Snyder, as featured in a televised story featured on Channel 3, 5 and 6 News in Syracuse, New York and CNYCentral dot com on 01.13.11: Verizon iPhone or AT&T iPhone?, by Alex Dunbar

On 5.5.11, Alex Dunbar from CNY Central News Channel 3,5 and 6 in Syracuse, New York interviewed Maria about the London Scam on Facebook. Here is a link to the story and featured video  Facebook warns users about London scam, by Alex Dunbar

Maria Snyder also writes articles for Maria Snyder’s Profile on

The Business Journal of Central New York, Mohawk Valley and Greater Binghamton newspaper featured my article in press on May 27, 2011.  Keep your eyes open for more articles to come! The title of my article was “Is social-media networking right for my business?”.

Ryan Deiss mentioned my first name and featured her Tweet in his sales video for Pinning Formula — How to Leverage Pinterest in May 2012, back when she only had 1,000 Twitter followers.