Genesis Framework Because You Need It My Top 10 List

Because it was time for a website redesign, I contacted a friend. You must like the website update because my traffic increased and bounce rate decreased.

My friend Chris at Modo Media Group does amazing website design, internet advertising and print. He gave me 8 great suggestions.

  • A professional WordPress template [theme]. √ done
  • Promote my portfolio / testimonials / blog /press releases more √ done
  • Contact, place my number in the header not just on the contact page √ done
  • Less is more, reduce the amount of text √ done
  • Use a conversion script for my newsletter – in debate
  • Offer an eBook as incentive to sign up for my newsletter – in progress
  • Simplify package and pricing [remove pricing] – debatable
  • SECRET TIP that’s best between friends

Who do you ask for advice? Because you need to know and because you don’t want to be sold let’s hope you know a Chris [and a Maria].

I chose the Genesis framework and a Studiopress Premium theme for my site.  Why choose Genesis? The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. My top 10 list was satisfied:

  • The Genesis Framework is search optimized
  • Automatic updates
  • The Genesis turn-key designs give you an array of beautiful frames for your content.
  • The design settings give you unprecedented control of the framework.
  • Child theme support and functionality
  • Unlimited support.
  • Unlimited updates.
  • Unlimited websites.
  • There’s no “Developer Option” here.
  • One low price entitles you to support, updates, and domains
  • I chose the StudioPress theme named Prose with Genesis as a framework

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Because my portfolio was neglected for updates, you rarely saw it. I added some tweets and new things. Want to be on my portfolio “click here” [a little selling]

Because we all think differently I presumed you would figure out to click my contact page to see my phone number [tip- take your own and Chris's advice Maria]

Because I write a lot there is a bit less text on my website pages, I deleted tons of stuff that was irrelevant. [tip- take your own and Chris's advice Maria]

There were a few other updates such as simple graphics, simple social icons and refreshed text.

I recently read Safelite Autoglass’s customer policy during a visit. It said: A delighted customer will recommend four times as many customers as a satisfied customer. Remember satisfaction isn’t good enough. Make every customer contact count.

Sometimes your customer is delighted.  Thank you Chris.




  1. Hi Maria, thanks again for the shout out and write up! I’m glad everything is working out for you and that you are making some good changes to the site. If you need anything else, just let me know!

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