Can’t Keep Up? 11 Ways to Simplify

Law of Simplicity: When you have two competing theories, the one that is simpler is the most profitable.


What are you doing right now to market your business online? Business social media is your opportunity.


I’m open just knock “click here“.

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Here are 11 ways to simplify your business social media:

  1. Complex explanations are pointless, simple is better – get to the point
  2. Secure the simplest custom url for your business on each social network
  3. Smile in your business profile photo
  4. Post your area code with your business phone number
  5. Give specific direct calls to action such as call us, click here, stop by
  6. Apologize on the answering machine that you aren’t there when customers call
  7. Post on social networks about your promotions and special sale days
  8. Ask questions, seek feedback look for inspiration
  9. Follow, like, and engage your competition, healthy discussion is welcomed
  10. Complete your business profile with your location and names of owners
  11. Run a sweepstakes or promotion using social media

Bonus: Get on Google Plus with a personal profile, next set up a Google Plus Page for your business.


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