Social Media links and resource list

Social Media Managers like me have a collection of “go to” links.  What links do you like to use?

I can’t help but share some I use. I plan to grow this list as more websites and tools are discovered relating to my passion for Social Media Management.


I check these every day (most of which are apps on my iPhone 4): and another twitter tool,

I also view these useful sites, at a PC or Mac.

The best conglomerate site covering Social Media I’ve seen so far is by Ken Barbary, his blog is a great read too.

What is your clout on the web?  Find out here:

I learned a lot about becoming a Social Media Manager from Kate Buck Jr., her site is here:

That is it for now, keep up your Social connections, they are important.  Check back often, this list will grow!

Your suggestions and comments are appreciated, please provide one.


Connections are important for Social Media Management. Do you have the right people, clients, and customers receiving your Social Media updates, posts, tweets and links?


Managing social media is not about getting thousands of followers as fast as possible, it is about making the right connections. A target market is what is desired isn’t it? I know how to obtain the right connections. Connections should be focused on location, timing and a planned strategy.

There are many ways to obtain followers to make random connections, that’s easy. Just Google the topic and you will see for yourself. There are also ways to attract attention. Is your Social Media Strategy planned to target a specific region, audience or other target market to attract attention? If it is not, then you need Maria Snyder Consulting.


I’ve taken many courses on marketing while obtaining my public accounting degree and through training seminars. Product, price, place and promotion, those marketing principles have applied for ages. I expect any strategy you have would involve most of these core principles in the plan. If your plan doesn’t, take the time to rethink it.

What do you do if you haven’t made the right connections applying core market principles? You contact me to discuss what is next, to refocus your efforts and to get started along the right road. My Dad had an interesting saying that went; “if there is a fork in the road, take it”. He meant that you have to keep going forward, no matter what. Standing there pondering which way to go is futile.

Optimism and Social Media

Many friends, colleagues and family have commented that I am optimistic. I have a talent for viewing the glass half full, it is in my nature actually. A positive attitude may not solve all of your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. So sorry if I ever annoy anyone with my persistent positivity.

Recent buzzing in Social Media within the online marketing community is optimization through the use of social media. Networking and connecting with friends and family has grown by leaps and bounds using social media. Businesses are catching on, they are optimistic about the desire to place their product, idea or service at the top of potential consumers mind. After all being “top of mind” is where businesses want to be.

Social networks come into play in a big way. Studies show that people check Facebook, Myspace, Linked in, Twitter and other networking sites frequently, some check in hourly. Checking in is done via phone, at work and at home. The connections made are important. What is said within your connections are important. People with similar likes and ideologies tend to group together and increase their social network size. Social Media use can be a vehicle to boost exposure which will increase a web presence.

What is Social Media Optimization? It is not being positive about the use of social media it is more about optimizing exposure of yourself or businesses using social media networks to expand and increase a web presence. Social Media Optimization works, it has been time tested and proven. Do not confuse it with SEO (search engine optimization) which is key to get yourself or your business noticed. If you are not familiar with SEO, Google it. I am not an expert in that field. I asked questions of a colleague and do use SEO, you should also.

Contact me for help with your specific Social Media Optimization needs. I promise to put a positive spin on your brand ~ wink wink.

Social Media Management of Children

We must play a role in the social media management of our children. There is TMI (too much information) out there for us to not check our children’s profiles and to not know their passwords. I have taken on this challenge first hand, so far they’re still talking to me.


Perhaps you have heard of the “Please rob me” syndrome on twitter and Facebook where people post TMI about leaving for vacation, or the grocery store or to run an errand.  Criminals will use that information to know when you are not home, they will feed off opportunity.  Our children can fall victim to that desire to want to post every aspect of their daily life online, for all to see!  I am particularly concerned by this emerging generation who is de-sensitized to what they’re sharing about themselves.


Privacy settings are your friend.  I implore you all to log into your child’s profile and review the privacy settings, the more restrictive the better but your judgment should be based on boundaries you set, not your child.

As a person, especially a parent, I believe we need to draw a line for certain social on-line behavior, know what is expected and what is not.

  • Actively teach kids to be net-savvy, healthy paranoia is good, teach them about privacy settings.
  • Internet access is a privilege, not a right.  Set clear limits and expectations
  • Be involved in what they’re doing, be their friend on Facebook, get Facebook to text you status updates (I do) and follow their tweets and Youtube postings.  Until you are convinced that your child can demonstrate mature judgment, I don’t believe kids should have the right to internet privacy.

If you are a parent, do not procrastinate in fear of conflict with your family, deal with this sooner rather than later.  I offer special pricing to manage childrens social media presence, I understand that parents need to delegate.

What do you think about this issue concerning children and social media management?

Please leave a comment

Social Media Assisting and Management, why it is important

Social media image is important, reputations are important. You probably understand that social media is important to market yourself in order to maximize your presence.

A qualified social media manager can assist you create and execute your strategy, nurture new or existing brand affinity, and importantly create lasting customer relationships.

  • Create and execute your strategy.  What are your goals short and long term?  A social media manager can help you zoom in on your potential market and recommend the platforms that will best suit your needs.  Are you actively or passively addressing your customers? The type of listening and engaging of customers by your social media manager based on style and respect will empower your ability to reach to them.
  • Execution of strategy.  Platforms that best suit your unique needs will be determined.  Examples platforms include Facebook pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, starting a blog….Linking these platforms together for consistency of content for connecting with customers is a huge advantage.  [Read more...]