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Blog comments were social long before social networks. Interacting online, submitting feedback and comments is a mainstay of the social network.

Opening your blog to comments comes with baggage in the form of comment spam. Think email spam but take it up a few notches.  My content management system of choice is self hosted WordPress. I rely on two WordPress plugins to protect against spam. One is named Akismet advertised as the worlds best way to protect your site from web spam. In addition I use GrowMap anti-spambot plugin.

Comments made with the sole purpose of gaining a backlink, which in turn will send traffic or link juice (provided the blog in question doesn’t use the nofollow tag) to the site of the spammer. Some spam comments are very explicit and come with several links to drug or gambling related sites. (definition from

I compare spam to a dirty window that can’t be cleaned no matter what technique is used. Spam is annoying and persists because somewhere somehow money is made from it.

Bloggers, good bloggers that is write to share valuable content with readers. Readers, good ones leave comments in praise or to debate different points of view.  Smart bloggers harness the power of social media and offer social sharing buttons for readers to use.  Social sharing is great and comments are too.

Responses to comments and the resulting conversations is what makes the commenting relationship social.

Many social sharing options are preferable, we’re not all on your favorite social network are we?

I find my social sharing stats within the content management back end of my wordpress website. I monitor and measure social shares often.

arrow171While we search the web for answers, take a few moments to leave comments if you can on valuable blog posts. Then tweet it, share it and post it on social networks. Good bloggers often reply. The process of interacting is welcomed here, please leave your comment below.





  1. I’d never think about not blogging because of spam but I know quite a few people who’ve stopped for that very reason. I hate it as much as anyone but I also think I manage it pretty well. You’re using the best two plugins for it.

  2. The dumbest thing to do is to just leave comments only to get a back link to your own website. I automatically have my site set to block and hold comments containing links until I approve of them. Besides, there’s an even greater benefit to commenting than just back links. It also helps you build relationships which certainly contributes to traffic.

    I personally like to look for the new blogs and bloggers (ones with 20 posts or less) and comment on their work, because those newbies will be forever grateful for you since you were the first to help them attain some type of third party validation. And these new bloggers are always a few discouraging days away from giving up, so when someone whose been in the game for a while shows them some attention, their stamina goes back up.

  3. Maria, comments are social at your own home :) The social networks are places we go to and network but when they come over your house it’s more personal. I love getting comments and connecting with others. Have a great rest of your weekend Maria.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your comment. Your perspective is on point, the blog is a home base and comments left there are personal compared to social networks whose comments can be more distant.

  4. Hi – like you, I value the interaction blog commenting brings. I get disheartened by people who only comment to get backlinks – also by bloggers who don’t respond to comments, or who don’t have any system for notifying people of replies to their comments. It’s unreasonable to expect people to have to trail back to the post to keep checking for replies – or to expect them to subscribe to the entire comment stream.

    I’m glad to see you have it set up here that I can receive replies just to my own comment :)

    • Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. I have the same disheartened response to commenters interested solely in backlinks. Interaction with any reader is important to me, how else do we as writers of blogs receive feedback?

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