My wife Maria started this social media company in 1998 by posting in online forums. She did social media before social networks became popular and before Google was invented. The website went live in the Spring of 2010 after someone paid her for helping them. Since then she continued being an awesome Mom to our two children, my wife and maintained an aspiring career as a Certified Public Accountant.  She is really good at what she does.

Maria recently learned that she will become a Shareholder at the CPA firm next year and decided to turn over the social media consulting business to me. I’m excited to build on and continue with what she started.

Building an open source business

So what’s next?

I ‘ll be writing something other than song lyrics by blogging about social media and related topics. I am a professional musician by trade.

Service offerings need a refresh.  I’m researching new customized offerings.

My email inbox is full of newsletters from many social media companies. Maria needs to give me a Google pocket email invite to help me keep it organized.

I’ve been reading Mashable and other social media news articles because I find social media very interesting. Interest and passion are important business components that will help this business continue to succeed.

I’ll sign off my first blog post as a proud husband. They say happy wife happy life and I’m happy that she chose to transition the business to me as she continues to excel in her Certified Public Accounting career.