7 shortcuts to local business

Local business needs you. I am spreading the news about how important social media is to small local business.  Small business is important to the economy.


Start your path to gaining local business by searching for it on the web. I use Google search.  Start with your business target and a few keywords. Type the information into the search box including the city or region where local is for you and hit enter.

Notice as you drive in the local area what business you see along the roads.

The key is to find those local businesses who need YOU.

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Got one or two, maybe three, good now let’s go!

      1. Discover who the business competitor is and seek a relationship based on getting them more business customers
      2. Find out about the business, ask your neighbor, Google them
      3. Have you elevator pitch ready, clear your throat, take a breath, pick up the phone and call – ask to speak with the owner
      4. Know one service or product they can’t be with out, for me I always recommend a Google Plus Page “click here for yours”
      5. Deliver a short clear message about what your business is – peak their curiosity and interest, give your name, phone number and your website
      6. Stop by in person to follow up your phone call within three business days, leave your business card or printed flyer
      7. Tell them why they need you, how you can help local business share a successful story


Offer a quick three minute business consultation and straight out ask “are you looking to hire me”?

There are hundreds of ways to engage local business.  I follow many on social networks. I’m dialed in to see what opportunities are on local roads near me. Local business needs me.


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