This is ninja

Ninja, it’s what I do. My personal expectations for myself and what I do are high.

It forces me to be a social media ninja - Jedi ~like Yoda. Only I’m not green and a mystical creature from a Star Wars movie. I’m your behind the scenes social media expert who follows direction or acts independently performing at a high level. I’m flexible, I’m your minion I’m also trusted and can be invisible ~ whoa who just threw that Ninja star?


(Ninja party image credit Funky64 on Flikr

Social media networks are fluid environments. Changes, trends and a knowledge base needs to be keyed in on. Research is mandatory, being prepared is required.

Your trick to being a social media ninja is hire one ~ notably me.

The social medioa outreach is the message your business sends. Its the reputation, the message and call to action of the business and it’s environment. Does a CPA know business?

Yes I do… I a Ninja - yes I am master.


Kids on social media eBook, it is free click the link below. I love to give more than I receive and hope this book helps Parents and Caregivers. There are even tricks and tips for Kids included.

I’ve said often, my blog is my worst enemy to acquiring additional social media clients. Why?

Many of the solutions for kids on social media are  - free!

You know though, it doesn’t matter because I’m good at what I do and the giveaways are what matter. Like my free eBook about kids and social media. My purpose for that book wasn’t about money or popularity it was about the giveaway, the free important information inside.
Here it is and it’s still free, just click it: kids and social media ebook

You know what happens when you give? You receive. What you receive is individual.

I received a feeling of inner happiness because I helped someone when I emailed out my eBook. I knew it was good, relevant and enhanced someones information.

So this blog, will it still have answers? Of course it will.

Will my eBook thrive? Yes.

Am I writing another eBook? Yes, I am and on page four already!

Blogger’s Awards: 5 Reasons Why YOU Must Enlist

Guest post by Murray Newlands, he emailed me this content:

One can find a lot of outstanding bloggers and publishers doing exceptional work, and those who stand out deserve to have their work recognized, connect with each other, and see their readerships grow. That’s why the World Media Awards exist- to recognize and reward great contributions to media from bloggers and publishers.

In my own career, I’ve learned and benefited so much from others that I wanted to help build some way to give back to an industry I love show appreciation to the up-and-coming leaders. The World Media Awards will culminate in a one day event in San Francisco that will celebrate the best in blogging, forums, publishing and media from around the world.

So if you are a superb blogger, why should you enter?

Get Recognized- You Deserve It !

You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making your blog remarkable. You understand it and your readers know it. The World Media Awards is a way for you to get authoritative credit from other bloggers and industry experts. That recognition will help you increase your readership, make fresh collaborative connections, and hopefully have great moments that make all the late nights even more rewarding.

Meet Other Bloggers Who Care

Blogging, forums and most other online media is about conversation and interaction, but sometimes it’s easy to end up pecking away behind a screen in your office or home all alone. Meeting other bloggers and publishers keeps the fire lit and the conversation going. When you enter the World Media Awards, you’ll be listed alongside other bloggers and publishers who put the same level of pride, care and work into making their blog world class.

Expose Yourself to New Partners

If your blog or forum is part of your business, being part of the World Media Awards will increase your exposure by putting your name in front of numerous visitors to our site and the award ceremony. That means you can find out who else is doing very good work, strut your own stuff, and expand your network of contacts and collaborators.

Make Yourself Irresistible to Clients

What helps your chances at winning that next pitch more than increasing your network? Telling that network that you just won a World Media Award. Winning an award shines a light on your achievements, and it serves as an example of the commitment, engagement and exacting standards you apply to your work.

Be Part of the Beginning of Something Big

Because 2012 is the first year for these awards, you have the one-time opportunity to be the inaugural winner and set the standard for the World Media Awards in your category. Getting in on the ground floor of these awards will open doors for you as a blogger and a publisher.

The bottom line is, the World Media Awards will shine a spotlight on the year’s most successful bloggers and publishers, and on the companies and businesses that serve and interact with them.

Now is your chance to be one of them.

The sponsors includeGrowmap, Pace Lattin, VigLink and Trancos.

World Media Award judges include Steve Hall, Sarah Austin, Chang Kim, Julie Wohlberg, Pierre Zarokian, Ivka Adam, Cheryl Contee, Krystyl Baldwin, Adrian Harris, Jeremy Wright, Rob Bloggeries, Dave Duarte, Tanya Alvarez, Dana Oshiro, Tom Foremski, and Judith Lewis. hashtag #wmads on Twitter.

World Media Award judges include Steve Hall, Sarah Austin, Chang Kim, Julie Wohlberg, Pierre Zarokian, Ivka Adam, Cheryl Contee, Krystyl Baldwin, Adrian Harris, Jeremy Wright, Rob Bloggeries, Dave Duarte, Tanya Alvarez, Dana Oshiro, Tom Foremski, and Judith Lewis. hashtag #wmads on Twitter.

Media partners include Adrants, Bloggeries, MediaVision, The Affiliate Marketing Awards, Read Write Web, My Blog Guest, Web Traffic Control and FeedBlitz.

Murray Newlands is author of How to Make a Blog Book and Online Marketing; a User Guide. He is also founder of the Affiliate Marketing Awards. Born in the UK, he now spends his time in San Francisco and New York. Murray works for Audience Mindshare and consults for Trancos Ins as well as being an advisor for VigLink. Actually he is working on his new book: The Email Marketing Book.