Bands, what social media can do for you

So you’re in a band, what can social media do for you? Social media can do a lot of good things, it can also do a lot of damage.


What’s my background? I’m fortunately married to a professional musician. We’ve been together for twenty years. I’m his fan, manager, confidant, sounding board, chauffeur, map reader, CPA, girlfriend and roadie all rolled into one; in addition his proud wife and mother of our awesome children.

So what do you do when the band gets started? First practice and I mean together as a band and also separately, yes singers should sing outside of band practice, the guitar players should play on their own and the drummer needs to beat the skins outside of practice too. You can’t promote effectively without being able to deliver at a performance or offer music on the web, to me that is common sense.

Hold an open practice, invite the local booking agents, bar owners, bands you know, those type of people. Make the wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and moms stay at home! Ask the open practice audience if you are ready. So now you are ready to promote, but where?

You must commit to stay active and post, tweet, update, or comment. Forage relationships with many people and businesses, post to discussions, get involved!

Create a signature, with links back to your site and a band email address to use for posts. Put the bands URL on absolutely everything!

Get lots of pictures of the band, at practice, out seeing other bands or just the band goofing off. Take individual photos too for use on Social Media. The more pictures the better.

Assign responsibility to someone other than a girlfriend/boyfriend to update sites. If a girlfriend/boyfriend is selected, set rules, set guidelines and keep communication and criticism open and non-personal. A band is a business before it is a relationship. The band can easily have a brief discussion at practice to set up what, when and how issues regarding Social Media.

Develop the i-team. The i-team (i for internet) are fans and people to share your posts, re-post items or share your information and pictures.

Here are the resources I recommend, many integrate together so use it to your advantage.

The site has so many options, mp3′s pictures, gig calendars and more!

If these tasks seems overwhelming, then you need someone like me. I’m your easy source for updates, uploads and information sharing on social media. I offer special pricing for bands. My pricing can be found here:


I could go on for days, this is definitely a blog worthy of continuation, stay tuned and rock on!


Kids on social media OMG?! Part two of two

Here are the links I promised you on the important topic of kids and social media, knowledge is good.

Kids can talk in acronyms. I think it’s related directly to the increase of texting, lol, lmao, and ikr. Social media usage often includes abbreviations and I use them in a familiar casual conversation myself.

Google has a great summary web site aptly named the Google Family Safety Center. This link offers advice on safety issues that I know can be concerning to parents.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Alert System has useful information about keeping children safe online:

I am diligent with my children, certain computer usage is non-negotiable. Be diligent, protect your kids. Communication concerning boundaries, rules and expectations is great! Talking to children about predatory people and inappropriate behaviour is a good practice.

One of the reasons I decided to go into Social Media Magagement involved learning to get up to speed with where my childrens knowledge is. Kids are smarter and know more than Parents sometimes.

I offer special pricing to manage childrens social media. I get it, I am a Mom and a workaholic, lol.

    Children’s Social Media Management Package – $100 set up & $300 (3 mos) or $100/ month:

The Children’s Social Media Management package offers all the services in my Basic Monthly Maintenance package. This is an entry-level full service package monitoring where I assist you with content monitoring and reputation management on 2 networks. I report inappropriate content to you and delete items based on your preset guidelines.

Go here to purchase my services:

Kids on social media OMG?! Part one of two

I am a very proud Mom of two awesome daughters. My twelve year old recently stepped into social media with a Facebook account after a lot of negotiation. My nine year old will continue to ask (pester) but will not get an account until seventh grade like her big sister.

There are limitations set on her Facebook, privacy settings, rules and the stuff that we should do as parents. Privacy settings are very important for any childs social media use. Be aware of privacy settings, and set them, restrict access to the world seeing their account.


We’ve all heard of bad people who prey on children on-line. Remind your kids about predators and common sense on-line safety rules. Pictures should be suitable for Grandparents eyes and age appropriate. I talk to my daughter about who she befriends on Facebook and ask daily what’s up on Facebook, I go to her profile too, it’s easy. I call it being up in her business, she gets annoyed but hey I’m a Mom, it is my job. It’s the way I keep communication open.

Facebook is not a right, it is a privilege. Privacy settings are required.

Stay tuned this is just part one of a multi-part series. Next time I will share more links with you on this important topic, knowledge is good.

Try this link to start: